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COVID-19 Mask Update

coronavirus virus mask corona pandemic outbreak disease epidemic sars cov 2Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on March 2, 2021 the lifting of some statewide COVID-19 mandates which will go into effect on March 10, 2021. The most important of these being the mask mandate.


As we know, although vaccines are being distributed statewide, COVID-19 remains a serious concern in Texas and new cases are still being confirmed daily. The Texas Board of Optometry released a statement for Texas Optometrists on March 2, 2021,stating that Optometrists should continue to follow infection control guidelines for healthcare workers as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.


In the continued effort to keep our community safe, we will still require the use of masks while in our office. We are committed to ensuring the safety of both our staff and our patients during the ongoing pandemic.


In addition to mask use, our office will continue practicing all COVID-19 safety protocols, including constant sanitation of the office, and social distancing where possible.


Thank you for your continued understanding and support. The safety of our staff and patients is as always our top priority.